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NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions you must bring your own mat for yoga classes

Come and join our beautiful studio. We offer a variety of yoga classes from flow to restorative. We are a welcoming community committed to helping people of all ages and abilities heal through movement. Yoga will change your life.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice that decreases stress and increases our energy levels. A Qi Gong class will begin with breathing exercises intended to relax the body and focus our energy on the present moment. Next, we will move into a combination of stretching and activating exercises to clear lines of tension. Flowing exercises and standing postures will bring energy into our body through focused slow and relaxing movements. We will end class with a meditation intended to center and ground our energy that we gathered during the practice. Qi Gong is used to maintain health and vitality by strengthening your immune, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It can also be used to heal and recover from conditions in the physical body, calm the mind and connect with a higher power. It is a fun and easy practice that can be done by any age group without any special equipment. Most of the class is spent standing but can easily be modified to a chair if needed. 

Restorative Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic Sleep.  In this class you will be guided through a detailed sleep meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation.  The brain will switch from beta to alpha waves, signaling the transition from activity to meditation. It is an incredibly healing practice, good for creating ease in the body and stillness and insight in the mind. The benefits of a regular Yoga Nidra practice are numerous and can be especially helpful to counteract the effects of stress and anxiety that are prevalent in our modern, busy culture. Receive deep rest and restoration in this extremely healing practice that is done entirely lying down.  This one hour class begins with gentle yin or restorative poses to prepare the body, some mindful breathing to still the mind and follows with about 35 – 40 minutes of blissfully relaxing Yoga Nidra.  It is accessible to all and no prior experience with yoga or meditation is necessary.

Energy Medicine Yoga®

Energy Medicine Yoga is an integrative practice, uniting ancient healing methods with modern science. Classic yoga postures are woven and paired with Energy Medicine techniques to communicate with the body in its own language and innate wisdom. By focusing on your body as a living system of energy, you are empowered to self-heal, thrive and flow in the life you are meant to live.

Energy Medicine Yoga is for all levels of students, including beginners.

Sound Bowl Meditation

Sound Bowl Meditation

What a beautiful way to go into your evening. Being bathed by Crystal Alchemy bowls allows  the mind to harmonize with the heart bringing coherence to the Body Mind Soul connection. Danny intention is that his playing is a soothing and graceful way of meditation.

You are invited to be comfortable in laying down or sitting,  keep an awareness on your breath and allow the waves of sound in. Come with an intention and let release it into the tones and waves of the bowls.   It is a wonderful experience and it can carry you through out the night and even week.

“When one or more are gathered magic magnifies the experience” Danny Parizek

All Level Flow

Energize your body and mind through a guided series of movements focusing on strength, stretch, core and breathing. This flow class is available to everyone whether you’ve been taking yoga for years or your brand new. Flow is a great way to strengthen and stretch you’re body and calm your mind.

Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut Yoga is focused on the biomechanics of the body- specifically the joints. Most body issues (biomechanics) stem from the body’s girdles- ankle, hip and/or shoulder. Our bodies collect traumas throughout our lifetime- be it from a remembered accident to a forgotten tumble or fall. The body gets affected and the results are accumulated issues, pain and stiffness.

Kaiut Yoga addresses these problems by opening up the joints to allow fluid, blood and energy to flow through. It finds the blockages within the body and helps to dissolve those restrictions over time. It also helps to neurologically change our brains and establish different patterns of movement and new memories pertaining to those changes.

The beauty of Kaiut Yoga is it truly is for everybody. It’s for the young and the old (age is really only a number here!), the super tight to the very flexible, the recently injured to those who have been living with old injuries. It’s for people who are just coming back from a surgery to people who are trying to avoid surgery. It’s a practice that can support you on your wellness path and keep you feeling healthy and young for the rest of your life.

Vinyin Class

VinYin is a vinyasa and yin yoga class combined in to one amazing hour. We start with a vinyasa flow for about 30 minutes to get the blood and energy moving throughout our bodies. Followed by a relaxing 30 minutes of Yin or restorative yoga poses to ease our mind, body and soul. I end each class with a little reiki and essential oil treatment to seal in our practice and ease your mind. This class will be sure to build up some strength, as well as give you a deep stretch with a side of relaxation. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a Yin-based practice where we will hold relaxing yoga poses for a minute or two to open our connective tissue, our fascia. This is a very relaxing class that will be sure to leave your body and mind extremely relaxed. It’s a perfect end to everyones week. We spend our lives running around for everyone else sometimes it’s nice to take an hour for yourself every week; whether you run, take HIIT classes, spin classes pilates classes or boxing classes, etc. it’s a nice way to round out your week and get yourself ready to do it all over again. All levels are welcome. 

Power Flow

Power Flow

Power flow with Julie is dynamic, fun and always new, strength based flow class. Built on a solid foundation of form and strength the postures open and balance the chakras and create abundant energy. All levels of modifications and advancement welcome. 

Free Flow Yoga

Free Flow Yoga is a functional and unique form of Vinyasa Yoga practice that challenges you to try new and creative movements, allowing you to Free your mind and body from the stresses of every day life.  This class embraces all levels and provides modifications and education in the practice. 


The class will contain elements of breathwork, meditation and creative yoga flows that aim to enliven, awaken and expand our awareness.

MFR + Yoga Nidra - Release into Rest

Release tension, stress and pain in your body with a variety of techniques including yin yoga, restorative postures and myofascial release. Then enjoy the deeply restful practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation that’s said to equate to 2-4 hours of sleep.  

No yoga experience required. Please wear tighter fitting clothing that you’ll be comfortable in.

Yoga Alignment

This class is for any level practitioner interested in moving through their postures using principles of proper alignment.  “Any level” is anyone from a seasoned practitioner to open-minded beginners and everyone in between – including chair, wall, and those with or recovering from injury.  This practice also focuses on “the pose fits into your body” – whatever that is for you at the moment.

The class will enhance your posture, strength, mobility, flexibility and core while incorporating breath to movement.  You will be developing a well-rounded practice from the inside out as we include some breath work, meditation, and references to yoga text.

Over time you will feel improvement in all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit – both ’on and off’ the mat in our daily lives. 

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

This class is a continuous flow of movement & breath which generates a meditative state, encouraging practitioners to let go of thought and focus on the experience of the present moment.

In flow yoga, each movement into or out of a posture is timed with an inhalation or an exhalation in a choreographed sequence.

Knowledge of primary asanas is recommended for this class to make it fun and enjoyable.

ALL LEVEL CLASS – Modifications and assists will be offered to allow each yogi, beginner to advanced, to make this practice their own.



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