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NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions you must bring your own mat for yoga classes

Come and join our beautiful studio. We offer a variety of yoga classes from flow to restorative. We are a welcoming community committed to helping people of all ages and abilities heal through movement. Yoga will change your life.

Grief Yoga

What are you grieving? 2020 has been full of different kinds of loss, for all of us. There has been so much change. Losses may include grieving for loved ones, pets, a way of living, our freedom, safety, social opportunities, health and more.

During Grief Yoga we will use yoga, movement, breath and sound to help students release pain and suffering to reconnect back to love. We will use grief as fuel for transformative healing. Collective Grief is empowering.

Join us for this class if you are looking for an opportunity to release stress in a safe environment. No prior yoga experience is needed for this highly accessible practice which includes gentle movement, sound, and breath.

Full Moon Yoga

Honor yourself and the cycle of light and darkness. Connect with the moon each month as she shines full and provides energy and direction. Set intentions and goals to manifest the life you desire. Join us in community to celebrate an ancient tradition lost amongst our world today. Our 90 min class will consist of flow yoga, restorative holds and meditation. Witness growth month to month as you share yourself and practice with vibrant fellows.

Soul Rise Yoga

All levels Power yoga, a perfect balance of effort, stretch, surrender and meditation. This class offers an amazing start to your day and will encourage you to live life on the high wave. Every class is a new experience.

Qi Gong

Qi gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures and flows, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qi means life force and the word Gong means skill or “to work with”. Together, Qi Gong means “to work with life force energy”.

Simply stated, a Qi Gong practice will decrease your level of stress and give you more energy. Qi gong is also used to maintain health and vitality, heal, and recover from diseases and conditions in the physical body, calm the mind and connect with a higher power. Qi gong can not only bring balance and happiness to your daily life, but it can strengthen your immune, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. Qi gong combines the benefit of physical exercise, stretching, and meditation in one practice. And it is a fun exercise that can be done by any age group without any special equipment.

Intuitive Ashtanga

Your instructor takes the core practice of Ashtanga and tweaks, adjusts, adds, and skips to allow flexibility and variability within the practice. It’s a lighthearted fun bootcamp yoga where your instructor applies his years of experience and is doing the practice with you. Variations will be given to meet you where you’re at, but he will encourage you to push past your edge and practice being comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s going to be challenging and savasana is going to feel amazing at the end!



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