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Training Review

Rocky Mountain Pilates and Yoga had such an amazing teacher training experience. Taylor has created a teacher training that prepares you to teach Pilates to EVERYONE and EVERYBODY. She walked us through each move in classical Pilates to show us how to teach an all levels class to a beginner all the way to a more advanced level student, keeping everyone moving together. I love that approach. I feel that it is more inclusive and allows people to see that Pilates is amazing. We went through modifications, variations and special cases. I would recommend this training to anyone. The training had me fall in love with Pilates and allowed me to feel strong and more aligned in my body.

– Andrea Stamp

Taylor is an incredible Pilates teacher trainer and throughly explains and demonstrates the work of Joseph Pilates in such an articulate way that you can truly understand Joe’s thinking process and what he was trying to help people achieve through proper movement.

I am beyond grateful to have attended Pilates Teacher Training at Rocky Mountain Pilates and Yoga and I can honestly say not all schools are as thorough and structured as what I experienced here. I’m now confident that I have the tools and knowledge to move forward as a successful Pilates instructor.
I simply cannot recommend Taylor and Rocky Mountain Pilates and Yoga enough.

– Jennifer Campbell

Beginning Mat Certification

We offer a 16-hour beginning mat certification that’s a prerequisite for the 500-hour comprehensive training. You will learn the 6 principles of Pilates, basic anatomy, the history of Joe Pilates and how to teach students the beginning mat series using the principles of Pilates. The 16 hours includes taking notes on the transitions, beginning positions of the exercises, cues and modifications and practice. It’s a great way to begin your journey to becoming a Pilates teacher or deepen your own understanding of the work and your practice.

Comprehensive Certification

Our 500-hour teacher training consists of classroom time and log hours that include practicing, teaching, observing and meditation of your choice. This training will transform you physically and spiritually. During the classroom time you will learn the beginner through advanced exercises using all of the classical apparatus, and also learn the Intermediate/advanced mat work. It includes an anatomy workshop as well as guest teachers who offer their approach on the work. You will learn teaching skills, precautions and contraindications, an introduction to the business of Pilates, and emotional intelligence to help you navigate different clients and their needs. You will learn the modifications for each exercise and when it’s appropriate to use them. The style of teaching taught helps you to be able to teach to all different fitness levels while keeping everyone safe. There is a section of your training dedicated to Jump board and variations.

Pilates is as much a spiritual practice as it is a physical one. Becoming a Pilates teacher requires understanding and embodying both of these aspects of the work.

The studio is available at certain times throughout the training for practice and I’m available at certain times outside of the classroom time to help guide and support you. I feel strongly about making sure everyone feels accepted and supported. I always welcome questions and I am committed to helping you become the best teacher you can be. Throughout the training we offer our clients discounted rates to take private lessons with teachers in training to help you get experience and hours. We also offer a free class taught by teachers in training to help get the experience of teaching in a group setting.

For information about pricing, dates and times, contact Taylor at rmpstudio18@gmail.com or call at (781) 367-0862

2023 Dates for Training

September 16th
September 23rd and 24th
October 7th and 8th
October 14th and 15th
November 18th and 19th
November 30th and Dec. 1st
December 16th and 17th
January 13th and 14th