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Welcome to our beautiful boutique fitness studio. We offer a variety of classes and personal training services for all levels. Whether you’re looking to increase your fitness level or start a fitness routine we will cater to your goals and ability.

Calisthenic Bootcamp

The program is a strictly calisthenic workout for 30 minutes. Broken up with short interval breaks. This is a boot camp-style
class focused on building endurance, muscle, and willpower. This is a class not only for forging one’s body, but also to cultivate mental resiliency. The movement section will be followed by a 15 minute cool down.


A great workout doesn’t have to be a long one! This 30-minute class begins with a short warm-up and stretching then moves on to 15-20 minutes of cardio and strength exercises packaged in a fun format that keeps you moving and never gets boring. Each class creatively mixes bodyweight exercises with simple movements that use dumbbells, kettlebells, med balls, slam balls, cardio machines, jump ropes, and more for a true full-body workout followed by a short cool-down.

Cardio Kickboxing

Get fit and have fun! You’ll learn and practice the proper technique for common kickboxing punches and kicks, then will incorporate them into a fast-paced HIIT-style class that uses mixed equipment including punching bags, targets, battle ropes, and cardio machines. Get toned arms, abs, glutes, and more while building endurance and stamina. 

Strength & Tone

Join us for a 45 minute strength and tone class! We will use resistance to build strength, tone muscle, and burn calories – all packed into one workout!

Personal Training

Personal training is a one in one workout where your trainer will coach you through workouts customized to your abilities and goals. All of our trainers are trained to modify for injuries and are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals while also keeping you safe.

HIIT / Bootcamp

Wake your body up with our early morning HIIT (high-intensity interval training)/bootcamp-style class. This one-hour class begins with a light cardio warm-up and stretching. It then moves on to a combination of exercises aimed at steadily improving one’s strength, stamina, balance, coordination, agility and more. A typical class features a focused strength session that highlights bodyweight movements and/or isolated movements with equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted balls, resistance machines and TRX. Before or after the strength session is a more high-intensity portion that challenges one’s cardio while mixing in fun skill and strength movements. Workouts and movements are always scalable meaning they can be adjusted to accommodate an individual’s fitness level and injury history. No two classes are alike…but each one is designed to be high-energy, fun, personally challenging and rewarding!


We’ve recently added a new TRX class! Details coming soon.



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Amy Russ

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