Getting Started

Introduction to Pilates at RMPS

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Pilates!

Whether you’re totally new to Pilates or just new to the studio, we’ll give you all the info you need to get started at RMPS quickly.

Free introduction class

When first joining RMPS we require you start by taking one of our FREE 30min intro classes in order to familiarize yourself with our studio and the equipment. After taking your intro class, we recommend purchasing the Beginner Special, where you’ll receive 3 private lessons to further familiarize yourself with the equipment and allow our certified instructors to assess your individual needs.

Beginner Special

If you’re new to Pilates, we require you start with the Beginner Special, which includes 3 private lessons with a certified instructor to further familiarize you with the equipment and to assess your individual needs. After completing the 3 private lessons you can start booking any of our other classes, workshops, or private lessons available on the schedule.

Create your account

RMPS is integrated with MindBody to make it easy to schedule and pay for all our services. When you book your FREE intro class or purchase the Beginner Special package on our website you’ll first be prompted to register your new RMPS Mindbody account if you don’t already have one. After registering, your new account will be used to book classes, privates and workshops directly on our website, on, and within the MindBody mobile app.

Booking classes

RMPS offers several classes throughout the week. You can view the full list of services on the schedule, allowing you to both register and book appointments in one place. You can also view the available RMPS classes, privates and workshops directly on RMPS MindBody page, or in the MindBody mobile app. If you haven’t purchased a punchcard or membership you’ll be prompted to choose the desired package or plan before you can book the service.


Whether you’re just looking to take a single class or purchase a punchcard or monthly membership, RMPS offers a range of pricing options to fit your needs and budget. Buying classes in packs will save you costs on classes and privates vs purchasing individually, so we recommend you purchase a membership or punchcard once you start using RMPS regularly. After purchasing a class, punchcard or monthly membership head over to the schedule to start booking services.

Download the MINDBODY mobile app to easily find and book classes with Rocky Mountain Pilates Studio.


Take introduction class

Start with a short introduction to the reformer followed by a 30 minute full body workout from one of our certified teachers.


Take 3 private lessons

Book the beginner pilates package which includes 3 private lessons. This will familiarize you with the apparatus and gives us a chance to assess your individual needs.  


Sign up for classes

Check out our schedule to start booking classes and private sessions!