Advanced Reformer w/Tamara Conner

May 22nd 12:00-1:30p
Join Tamera as she breaks down advanced Pilates exercises on the reformer leaving you more knowledgeable and ready to safely take your workout to the next level.

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony w/Hayley & Andrea

May 28th 6:00-8:00p
Please join Hayley and Andrea for a beautiful & releasing Full Moon Cacao Ceremony. 

Combining cacao and intention, with the energy of the full moon is very powerful. During the full moon, people use cacao to go deeper into themselves and their hearts. They start to understand which parts of their psyche are blocking their growth or what needs to be cleared out- a sort of spring cleaning for the mind if you will.

We will begin the evening by drinking the sacred cacao together and connecting as a group. We will guide you on a special journey with drumming, chimes and meditation. There will be time to journal and write about whatever you might be releasing in the full moon. The evening will then move into breath work, movement and free dance to fully release, let go and be free.

Please bring a mat, pillows and anything else to make you comfortable and anything you may want to share. 

Thera Band Workshop w/Kristen Hapke

June 5th 12:00-1:30p
Join Kristin as she shares her tools for taking care of your body whether you’re at home or traveling. Participants will receive a Thera Band.

Magic Circle w/Lisa Barberis

June 26th 12:00-1:30p
Join Lisa as she teaches how to use the Magic Circle to strengthen and stretch your whole body. Magic Circles will be offered for $15 for those who attend the workshop.

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