Commit to Today

As the New Year approaches most of us are either making New Year’s resolutions or rolling our eyes at friends as they talk about their resolutions. Then there’s some of us who make them quietly to ourselves so that no one can judge us when we don’t stick to it. I remember my Dad saying that he wanted to put an add in the paper that he would purchase any lightly used running suits that people received to help them fulfill their New Year’s resolution to start jogging and by February they were tucked away in the back of their closets.

What I have learned in life is that when I look to far into the future resolutions are more difficult to keep, when I try and commit to something forever it’s overwhelming and I’m more likely to skip today and say forever will start tomorrow. One day at time has been my mantra for years, if I can commit just to today I can stick to a resolution. The future comes one day at a time, my spiritual, emotional and physical well-being are dependent on my daily commitment. Through this simple approach, I find more success and happiness.

Pilates is the complete coordination of mind, body and spirit